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Vlog Ep #10 Good-bye Kiss! (Moving On) – Three Taps and Fakies

All good things come to an end. Been laying low in the cut. Fatherhood. Life. Self discovery. Closing doors to open new ones. Moving. Loving myself. Staying true to myself and my art. Living and letting die.
The best summer of my life has come to an end. So much happened in such a short span of time. Lots of struggles, and a few transcendent triumphs led me to where I now am.
Walking away from that which should be discarded. Walking toward that which must be embraced.
Much respect to those of you who support, and check for me. I just made 50,000 page views. Much love to the ones that hate as well.
Life goes on.
So much could be said, but I have learned that no one on the world wide wiretap really cares.
Therefore, I chose to live my words and speak through my actions.

Realest of the REAL from cradle t the grave. Funny-style is as funny-style does.
“I can’t go for that” – D. Hall & J. Oats

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Amir Alexander BMX (over 40) Vlog Ep #9 Living Proof! (learning 360 Tail taps)

You’re never too old until you’re dead. Although BMX is an extreme action sport, and despite being so physically demanding, it’s a total head game. Like much of life really. The classic line “I think, therefore I am” comes to mind. I am 2 weeks away from my 46th birthday and I am in the best shape of my life. Strong, full of stamina, and ripped lean (full 6 pack, vascular thighs and striated pecs). I can ride my bike better than most ever will AND I am just getting started.
I am the type to get super good at something. On an international level, and then start from the bottom again as I perfect a new craft. I feel the need to constantly be setting the bar higher for myself. Which is not at all recognized, encouraged, or celebrated these days.
As always, I am in a competition with myself to be a better me today than I was yesterday.
Every day.
BMX is the vehicle. Why? Because it’s hard. Just like everything else I have a passion for.
And because I enjoy being art just as much as making it. Whether dancing, mixing records, spitting raps, or riding freestyle.