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If this Waking Life DJ set was my last ever, I’m ok with that…….

The best DJ set I’ve ever played (that was recorded, at least)….

Without a friggin’ doubt. Hands down. Those who were there had the opportunity to behold me at the very pinnacle of my prowess as a Disk Jockey. Risk. Risk. Risk! I threw all caution to the wind and went nuts.
During that particular set, I perfected my three turntable technique.
Never was there a time that I wasn’t mixing.

And what a “hook-up” with regard to my set time. It was the exact peak-time nexus of the entire event.
Twelve O’clock Midnight on a Saturday. Well over 85% of the entire festival attendance seemed to be over at my stage for the hours I played.

If I were in a position to know that I would continue to “DJ out,” the template for how I would proceed with my growth and development as a Master level DJ is now crystal clear. But for whatever reason, I felt a very strong, palpable even sense that for me, the summer was over.
This is partially due to the fact that Waking Life used to be in late August. But even more than that, because I have zero bookings on the horizon. No idea where any would even come from. And zero desire to chase any.
As it all seems like a a pointless waste. One that actually detracts from the art and artistry. Whatever the root cause,
I had a strong sense that the end of whatever I was placed in this scene to do had been fully accomplished.
A sense of total completion.

Never ice-skate uphill. Never take a piss in the wind…

Self explanatory. Right?
And at this point, me trying to do anything in the club scene with regard to attempting to advance as an inspired, creative individual would be likened unto the metaphors stated above. And this is truly indisputable. As anyone paying even the most miniscule amount of attention can clearly see the all too real “glass ceiling” I’ve been up against for the past 7-8 years. Thus, rational thought, sanity, the facts, and common sense dictate that I do something different if I wish to have a different result regarding my artistic output , and how I share and present it to the world.

The writing on the wall….

It IS what it is. I accept(ed) this and thus am moving (have moved) on. LOL! No one should be surprised at this point though. As I am the type of person who “gets things done.” Impossible things most would never even attempt. Regularly.
As stated many times, I have a very strong aversion to wasting time. Because wasting time gets nothing done.
And in this case, not heeding the “warning signs,” etc. would only be to my own detriment.
The writing on the wall clearly says “You are not welcome, needed, nor appreciated here. So kick rock!’
Got’cha. Loud and clear.

I am finally free from the enslavement that kills creativity…

Art and commerce have never, nor ever will they be “good bedfellows.” and after well past long enough to know better, I choose art and artistry over whatever it is the scene has allowed itself to devolve into.
Working a “normal job” to provide for my needs frees me from the creatively restricting clout-chase required to become and or remain “relevant” enough to be awarded an opportunity to earn a living in the discipline I worked tirelessly to become one of the best in the entire world at.
Apparently, I’m not in this (or rather, wasn’t in this) for the reasons most pursue a career in the club music niche of the music industry. As I viewed it as an extension of my music performance education, etc.
Being “classically trained” as I am; I naively assumed that I was joining an international “artist’s collective” of elite composers and performers. But I was mistaken.
Incredibly so. But now that I “know better,” I must “do better.” Because I see a lot of fitting in, naked kings, desperation, pay-to-play, cronyism, and outright fuckery. This scene/industry, and the obligatory “clout chase” distorts people.
Tell me where I lied.

Night and day…

The way I am viewed and treated at my “day job” versus the scene is astounding.
It’s nuts how well people treat you when they do not view you as competition, envy you, and or wish they were you but hate you because they can never be you.
My head Chef even mistook my humility for low self esteem. As they have never seen such a kind, humble, righteous (Godly) “gentleman.” Yet many in the “scene” imagine me to be arrogant.
Rest assured 99% of those who might hold this view have never spent any real time with me in person.
Just some interesting thoughts…..

My best work yet may never be released….

Why??? Waste of time and energy. On top of this, I will no longer allow the “vultures” to pick my bones clean.
Stepping back from the rat-race at the peak of my growth and development as a premier artist in my field is the most epic “mic drop” ever!
I also get to preserve what little artistic integrity, humanity, and unadulterated soul I still have left.
Because to “go as hard” as I do, only to get tumbleweeds, hate, suppression, and outright envy directed back for my earnest efforts falls squarely in the realm of being “not it.” Therefore, knowing that I “escaped” the “Venus flytrap” with my integrity, dignity, sanity, humanity, and my very soul intact is the ultimate coup against the “industry” that is purpose built to exploit, enslave, and destroy true art, artistry, and artists.
Thus, walking away with the full knowledge that my best work as a club music producer will never be exploited is a bit of sweet “get back.”

Always leave the audience wanting more

I learned this in my mid-teenage years working as a professional orchestral musician. And I learned it well.

I was told that my final set was recorded…

LOL! I wrote this blog post about five or six weeks ago and have been patiently waiting for the set to be officially uploaded.
And apparently, it finally has been. So.. yay!

In the meantime…

I have at least one more EP coming out.
“Chasms” EP on Thomas Melchior’s label My king is light. Apparently it is hitting stores around the world this week.
Quite likely the very last record I will ever release on a label other than my own “Building 7.”
However, with that said… I am not entirely sure that my own label will continue. As I cannot ascertain whether or not I have the support base to even fully sell limited press “boutique runs” of 250 units per release.
This remains to be seen.

Click image for link

*(But now…. with that said; I do in fact love what the scene and culture was/was intended to be/and is in theory.
It’s just that we seem to have lost our collective way somewhere in the last six or seven years. Which has resulted in the scene being twisted and contorted into the exact polar opposite of what it originally was.
And as a person with common sense, a moral code, dignity, and self respect; I gotta leave the fuckery to those who enjoy, and or don’t mind tolerating such things; and get outta the way. However, I still hope to contribute to the culture through my label “Building 7” which has a new release coming soon. xx

I shared this to the book the other day….

“I have a record coming out soon.
Not exactly sure when, but it appears to be within the next few weeks.
It may very well be the last dance music EP I ever put out. Unless my label “Building 7” picks up, etc.
My Mother told me as a child to “Never overstay my welcome.” Nor to remain in a place where my presence is not wanted.”
The end of an era is at hand. I’ve been meaning to blog about it.
But it seems futile. And since I have a huge aversion to wasting time…..
Well. Moot point. But for the 1% of you who actually appreciate my contributions to the scene; I’ll try to get motivated enough to connect the dots between the artist I was, and the artist I am now for the people I feel I owe that to.
In the meantime, Do something non-club orientated. There’s an entire world out there.
One that is infinitely more positive, fulfilling, healthy, and real.

Right then… that’s done…

This bears repeating….
I did a mini-post about what comes next for me as a musician. You can check for it here.


Until next time…..
R.A.A. x