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Blessed Are The Meek!

It’s been a while since the last post.
Mad busy. So much has transpired behind the scenes since I last took the time to share my thoughts with the inter-webs.
For one, the “Blessed Are The Meek” single came out on Classic and has done quite well.
This is the track that superseded “Gutter Flex” as my #1 most popular to date.
Interesting story….
It was first released as an “Unknown Producer” white label 12″ vinyl with the instrumental on the flip side (super rare collectible. I don’t even own a copy). The idea was to do a teaser for the album that was to drop later that year. The record went on to become one of the tracks of the summer for those in the know. It’s second incarnation was on my sophomore album “Dusk Til Dawn”. Track 7. (The spiritually minded will note the numerological significance). As with most of my work, the album was/is a sleeper “future classic”. Lauded by the critics, but slept on commercially. It is what it is.
High hopes….
I felt when I first finished the track that it might be the one that would “next level” me and bring me some gig work. This did not happen. yet, I held faith. As faith is a huge part of my way of life. I had decided whether or not I received any “come up” off the track, I had completed a great work of praise and glorification of The Supreme Creator.
The third life came about because of the interest Brother Luke Solomon took in releasing it to a wider audience as a one track single.
Since then the interest in me as an artist has begun to recapitulate. As all things run in cycles.

After “the rookie phase”
Life after the introductory phase of my career is now afoot. New releases, an Australian tour, my return to Berlin (this weekend), and some exciting collaboration opportunities are a thing. So now it is two and a half years later and the track is bearing the fruit I always hoped/knew it would.
This post is a bit tardy only because I have been so busy in the studio creating new music. At this point I have another album plus several new EPs worth of material. However, I believe that my days of releasing albums are over. At least until the stock of the first two sells out completely.
At any rate,
there is much more exciting news to come so I figured that I better make this post first because this release needs a bit of recognition (by me at least), as a career landmark.
For those who are not aware of it, now you know a bit more of the back story, etc. The track is available digitally everywhere if you want to cop it.
Thank you for your time, and stay tuned.
Big thanks to everyone who helped me hit 200,000 page clicks.
I will begin to bring you fresh content on a more consistent basis from now on.
Much Respect,

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