BMX Over 40 Vlog!

Episode one of my new vlog.
I used to ride BMX as a child back in the early 80’s. I quit when my bike was stolen and I began to skateboard. Almost 35 years later, I am back at it. I love riding my bicycle and I wish to promote cycling to any and all. Especially people of my generation. I am living proof that good food, weight training, exercise, low stress, and a positive mind-frame can slow the aging process.
Grown and sexy, versus old, stuffy, and boring. I think, therefore I am type mentality stuff.
But I digress….
I hope to inspire lots of people to pick up a bike and learn how to control it. To become one with it. Not to compete with others, but for your own personal satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.
At this point in life my hobbies and interests are more family oriented, and biking is something I can do with my son. I also want to contribute to my community and mentor the youth. Giving back little. As it was done for me in my youth.

I hope that you’ll follow my progression as a BMX “freestyler”, and the progression of the vlog, i.e. production value, locations, riding clips, features, and interviews.
Keep Riding,
//AA xx