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The Origins of The Ku Klux Klan And why Black America votes for the Political Party that created it

What is Marxism? And why you should fear it.

The Return of Vanguard Sound! “Masquerade EP” VS012

The Hidden truth about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Is BLM legit, and Chaos inducing Puppet Masters – “Thoughts of a Social Iconoclast”

The Musings of a Modern Philosopher…

Philosophy is one of my passions in life

Amir Alexander ‎– Wisdom: My King Is Light ‎– MKIL002

Thomas Melchior and Amir Alexander coming together like this is no less than historic.

FWM x NDATL Kudzu Live Stream_3.14.20

The literal ATL underground. Kai Alcé’s basement studio

7 years completed. The 8th begins today. (An editorial essay)

laying a brick driveway. The struggle to survive is real.

Jon Hester – Dimensional EP

Brothers in crime (Afa pt 2)

Decent into the underworld

Fear and Loathing in Jax Beach (Day trip gone bad)

Raver meets His DJ Hero

Me, Marissa, and Adam circa 1994

Oh Sh!t

Entering the fray in earnest…

First Rave Ever

Blessed Are The Meek!

One Man Gang! Lyrics

Ricky Spitzz! The One Man Gang

Vlog Ep #10 Good-bye Kiss! (Moving On) – Three Taps and Fakies

Amir Alexander BMX (over 40) Vlog Ep #9 Living Proof!
(learning 360 Tail taps)

Vlog Episode #8 “One Man Gang!”

Vlog Ep #7 – Gritty City! (edit)

BMX Vlog Ep #6 Pinch flats 180’s Exploded bars, and Social Media Experiments!

Vlog Ep # 5 “Pull Up!”

Flux Interview for my new album Dusk Til Dawn!

Vlog Ep #4 Madrid and Paris with a separated shoulder

Amir Alexander (old guy) BMX Vlog Ep #3 Berlin Weekend!

BMX Vlog Episode #2 “She Can Ride!”

Peep game on “Da Haterz”

03 Fe Nem – Ricky Spitzz! – Chicago Gun Times (Album Lyrics)

Shanaynay Lindqvist

The Lands Beyond Pt. 2!

Rebel Music (version one)!

The return of “Sonic Weaponry!”

Hello world!

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  1. Rich? Is this you? Hugz, Carola

    1. Yes it is indeed baby. Sooo glad to re-connect with you after 3 decades. xxxx

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