Ricky Spitzz!

The Rap alter ego of DJ/Producer Amir Alexander

Pure Underground Beats, Rhymes, and Life!

Ricky actually Spitzz yo! Peep game folk.

“The Hour of The Time”

Amir Alexander now presents his “Ricky Spitzz!” Alias as a fully fledged entity in it’s own right 
on Vanguard Sound’s first full album.
All beats produced by, Raps written, performed, engineered and recoded by the man himself.
Special shoutout the to legacy of the late, great Bill Cooper. Whom the album is both inspired by and dedicated to.
As “The Hour of The time” was the name of his amazing shortwave radio show that ran from 1993-2001.

A You Tube Playlist of all my latest videos, etc…

I am in the process of creating visuals for all 22 tracks from the new album.
Here’s a playlist with every video thus far. I’ll keep updating it as I create more.
The first video is a beat-tape I made from all the samples I had left over in that particular section of my
sample library archives.
They were so good that I wanted to share them with the people in some form or fashion.
Therefore I went retro and put together an old-school cassette style beat-tape like the ones
beat-makers and producers would put together in the late 80/early 90s

100% Pure Underground Rawness!

For the Spotify Heads….

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