The Phoenix EP! & 808 Essentials Drumkit

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All proceeds will go toward printing up a new batch of Vanguard Sound T-Shirts. All those who donate will receive a special discount once they go on sale.

About the EP

It is comprised of three tracks.
The Phoenix!
Chosen! (Many Are Called)
The Saga Continues!

About the drumkit

All sounds therein were recorded by me, then pitched to the key of C to be easily transposed to fit your project. Thus avoiding the all too common key clashes when working with the 808. I also included an 808 kick that can be used for bass-lines. This was created on the Thor synthesizer found in Reason. These are the exact same sounds used to create The Saga Continues. I use these in my MPC1000.
Enjoy, and thanks in advance for your kind donation. No amount is too small.

Humble Regards,
Amir Alexander xx

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