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Vlog Ep #10 Good-bye Kiss! (Moving On) – Three Taps and Fakies

All good things come to an end. Been laying low in the cut. Fatherhood. Life. Self discovery. Closing doors to open new ones. Moving. Loving myself. Staying true to myself and my art. Living and letting die.
The best summer of my life has come to an end. So much happened in such a short span of time. Lots of struggles, and a few transcendent triumphs led me to where I now am.
Walking away from that which should be discarded. Walking toward that which must be embraced.
Much respect to those of you who support, and check for me. I just made 50,000 page views. Much love to the ones that hate as well.
Life goes on.
So much could be said, but I have learned that no one on the world wide wiretap really cares.
Therefore, I chose to live my words and speak through my actions.

Realest of the REAL from cradle t the grave. Funny-style is as funny-style does.
“I can’t go for that” – D. Hall & J. Oats

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