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Vlog Ep # 5 “Pull Up!”

It’s the season where DJ’s are either booked up for festivals, or they are tightening their belts for the lean months. I fall into the latter, not the former. That being the case, this episode is 100% local. No planes, trains, or automobiles in this one. Just two wheels, me, and the pavement of the city I reside in.
Like any driven noob BMXer, I am quite keen to progress and open up more line/trick possibilities when I am riding. That said, a high bunny hop is the key that unlocks everything else. As I start to really dial my hops in, I am beginning to do them 180. Both on transitions as well as flat.
Riding is cathartic to say the least. It most certainly fills the void left by what used to be the underground music scene. Which has been totally corporatized and functions exactly like the major labels at this point.
Being a true artistic individual, the “go along to get along” ethos has never really jibed with me. It is what it is.
True street cred cannot be purchased, but at the same time, it cannot purchase anything either.

It is what it is. Therefore, I continue to ride……
and hopefully progress.
//AA x

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