Anunnaki Cartel is the baby sister of Vanguard Sound! Founded jointly by both Amir and Chris Mitchell, the focus with this label was to break new talent and reach out to like minded peers. With this label’s themes, videos, and overall aesthetic, the aim was/is to explore the outer reaches of consciousness, reality, history, and the hidden mystery schools of lost ancient knowledge.
The first lesson learned when dealing with the hidden mystery schools is that symbology usurps verbiage. One well placed symbol can tell a whole story. It can replace a book. One of the fun aspects of curating this label is all of the hidden symbols and codes we’ve either embedded ourselves, or “exposed” for others to discover for generations to come. On the surface the material pleases on one level, yet for those who delve, there is much more to be found.
For example, the A as in Anunnaki is also symbolic for the A in Amir. The C for Cartel is also C for Chris who is a 3 numerically. A is 1 and 1+3=4 which is Amir’s number.

From the first release we sought to blur the lines between house, techno, and abstract harmonic beat experiments. This is best displayed with Joey Anderson‘s excellent ‘Table of Contents” a track that I first heard before Joey had any releases out. I knew from the sheer bravery and creative freedom it took to make such a piece of work that Mr. Anderson would some day go on to become a star. It appears I was correct. At the time of the release of the first Anunnaki Cartel EP Joey had only one other release out on his own Inimeg Records imprint. Looks like we were fortunate to be at the right time and place to have had a small hand in presenting this future legend to the world. Respect and love to you Joey.

Traxx is a monolithic artist within underground dance culture. He transcends the term DJ which is much too limiting for his particular style of turntable sonic cookery. He is a “Decknician”. Your favorite DJ loves this guy. Impeccable taste and skill combined with over 3 decades of collecting and perfecting his craft results in Mr. Melvin Olliphant being a true beast on the ones and twos. Of course I would be remiss to not mention Nation. The Chicago based label and artist collective founded by Traxx. He, along with Tadd Mullinix aka JTC/Dabrye etc, and Nick D’Marc Cantu created an entirely new genre title called Jakbeat that only they are allowed to use. No one outside of the tight knit crew is allowed to use the term. They protect what’s theirs and boldly fly the flag of their Nation . Amazingly authentic, vintage hardware based, gritty, rhythmic DJ weaponry is the order of the day.

Jasss is a relative newcomer to the international scene, yet in only a few years she has made quite an impact. An unbound and free-thinking sonic scientist, she crafts a wide array of authentic and often visceral music. At the same time she is quite adept at crafting tunes for the head as well as the body. Her star is rising fast and the sky is the limit. We are once again quite pleased to have been able to release her early in her ascent. Intelligent, beautiful, independent, and strong willed. Our respect and gratitude go out to you.

Last but certainly not least is UK underground stalwart Mr. Colin Lindo aka “Nubian Mindz“. Ever prolific, and impossible to pin down. Nubian Mindz is an adept musical chameleon. Deep brooding house. Detroit Techno, Broken Beats and everything in between all done with aplomb. Chris and I are quite fortunate to have been given the opportunity to release music that married perfectly with the imagery/videos and messages we were trying to convey. The videos for this label in particular are some of our best work. Check out Colin’s “Ideas In Music”. It pretty much sums up what “The Cartel” is all about.

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