Dancer, DJ, Producer, Writer, Gourmet Culinary Artist, Fitness Enthusiast, and Father.
A few of the many hats this life-long “student of the groove” wears. From humble beginnings in low income housing, food stamps, and welfare checks Amir was always seeking outlets for artistic expression.
Obtaining a full music scholarship to study Jazz improv theory, Music education, and Contrabass in 1992 opened up a whole new world of experiences and knowledge. One of which was the then nascient rave scene. Needless to say, our young hero was hooked and eventually dropped out of university to pursue the self study of DJing and production full-time. Little did he know this underground club music education would last another 20 years.

Two decades passed as Amir worked a plethora of dead end jobs to have as much time as possible to pursue his dream of doing what it is you now know him for. Many times I had no idea of how I would accomplish my goals, yet never did I seriously consider giving up. Hard work and patience can and will pay off in the end.
Blessings and Respect,

2 thoughts on “Bio

  1. I dig it man… I truly do. Keep doing what you’re doing, I respect and admire your pursuit of life at its fullest.

    1. J.P!!!!!
      WOW! long time my Bro!
      I humbly extend you my FULLEST gratitude for these kind and gracious words of praise.
      It really means a lot for my OG “day one” homies who knew me decades before I ever thought about doing what it is I now do to be checking for me now.
      As it is my friends from childhood tho can really see me. Because you guys know where I came from.
      Thank you so much! I hope that you’ll keep reading.
      My best you you and your family.
      R.A.A x

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