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Vlog Ep #7 – Gritty City! (edit)

Not much to talk about.
My friend Alexander here in Malmö ended up sorting me out with some new bars, and a front load stem. It took me a whole week to get sorted and riding again. Which I did today for a bit.
I got some footage and decided to try my hand at an edit of sorts. Of course it helps to be able to do more tricks than I can, but we must crawl before we walk, and walk before we run.
What I do have is my own steez/style and flow. So even if I am doing a basic trick, I try to make it look good.
The title comes from the state of my life right now. The place I live, the way I ride and film, and my overall proletariat point of view (i.e. working class/blue collar) ethic.
This one isn’t flashy, but it is the truth.
A bro and his bike expressing the joy of riding.
The music is my song “Foe Nem” Track #3 from my Drill/Trap album “Chicago Gun Times”

The lyrics can be found here “Foe Nem Lyrics”
We out here…..

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03 Fo Nem – Ricky Spitzz! – Chicago Gun Times (Album Lyrics)

03 Foe Nem

Up till witching hour late then wake with sun bird early/
Two things on my mind. Bust a nut do a nigga dirty/
Today we gone slide on them opps round the way down there by foe-nem/
On comedown feeling bluesy. Got this Uzi pole from bro-nem//
Them blocks there we own em/
Them thots there we bone em/
Squad got the mobile hitmanz roamin’/
Death’s a call away. We just phone em//
Got no qualms servin’ death to opps/
Firebombing cars and shootouts with the cops/
Niggas don’t fuck. They prefer the top/
Foe-nem crossed Rubicon first body drop//

Niggas kilt my manz yo why I’m filled with anger/-
Hate and high is all I feel. Mind of a gang banger/-
High off own supply mostly broke drug slanger/-
Million views self snitchin’ rap sanger//-

Danger danger. Be on lookout for the changer/
Niggas popout, don’t trust new faced stranger/
Gang in the field it’s real the street ranger/
Calmly walk up shoot your face off with the banger//
At night infrared. Radar scope heat exchanger/
Fu stew drugs guns hopelessness and rancor/
No one questions hidden hand. Puppet string arrangers/
Don’t floss what you bought. Thieves finesse and stain ya//

Fuck that nigga gots ta git dat revenge/
Splash splash splash in a flash met his end/
Trap stack da cash ball and bash stash da bandz/
Duck that trigga all ten no friends//

My manz found a case of big guns in the ally/
Guns drugs thugs in a rut. Death valley/
Shoot up prayer vigils. Throw up hand sign rally/
Got Po Po on payroll. Officer O’Malley//
Bleak indication. Situation failed state/
Decline by design and depopulate/
Niggas off in their feelings that’s effeminate/
Ain’t raisin’ they chillin’s with these broads they inseminate//

Smoke opps to my beats vibe off my melodies/
Can’t get him no job cause he got prior felonies/
Hittas cold and heartless. End your life with brevity/
Trick snitch nigas call them bitch niggas tell on me’s//
Mobile phone call reveille/
Mobilize the cavalry/
Bitch as niggas don’t step to me/
Unless it’s death you ready to see//
Fourteen years old in a state of shock/
Mind indoctrinated live and die for a block/
Babies havin’ babies. No one ever took stock/
Takes a man to raise a man. No role model so they flock//

Fuck that nigga gots ta git dat revenge/
Splash splash splash in a flash met his end/
Trap stack da cash ball and bash stash da bandz/
Duck that trigga all ten no friends//

Like birds that heard words poked like spurs in the urbs/
Resigned to get killed. Seeking thrills. Got bad nerves/
Self medicate of the drugs that I serve/
Trapped in a cycle. Don’t know how to swerve//
My niggas is hurt/
No love is dispersed/
We bury our homies/
They dead in a hearse//
It’s said in this verse/
It’s staged and rehearsed in virtual search/
For real real and merched//
Death raven’s perched/
The palace of malice/
They speak in reverse/
Drink blood from a chalice//
Weren’t born savage/
They was created/
Deflated negated/
Gang up felt I made it//
Can’t be overstated/
It’s how the mayor made it/
Obama-nem played it/
The weathermen hated//
Look up Saul Alinsky/
Cook up gall and envy/
Hook up all a friend me/
Rook up and fall the enemy//