1,000,000 Page View Special Edition. Unfettered! Multi-faceted creativity. Adapting and Advancing. Venturing to build a “Better Mousetrap”….

Father, Musician. Writer, Thinker, Stoic, Autodidact, Social Experiment Data Collector, Business Traveler, Child of God
(Photo Credit Camilla Caam Rehnstrand)

Lots to be said. Where do I even begin???

I last attempted to create a blog entry the day after my 50th birthday. But soon thereafter, I felt that it was better to just marinate on the occasion in quiet solitude. So I did just that. As life and living in the (real) world outside of nightclubs has always fueled my creativity in a way that nothing else ever could. Or likely ever will.
Six months later, my humble blog website has somehow hit its one million page view landmark. And I can now see that the two hottest Summer months leading up to said birthday (one that fell on the very last day of the Summer); is a much better place to begin this particular chapter of the “Guerrilla Chronicles.”

Which was the name of a series of DJ mix cassettes I recorded back in the early to mid 2000s as I was attending Automotive Technology classes in the Chicago Suburbs at a place called U.T.I. Universal Technical Institute also known as Hot Rod University. At this time, I owned a 1971 Buick Riviera “Boat -Tail” and needed to learn how to restore it myself because I could never afford to pay anyone else to do it.
But enough of that.
We shall re-visit my Chicago/Chicago Suburbs days a bit later in this story. But for now, let’s begin with my
un retirement from the International Touring DJ life. A situation wherein I had completely made peace with the fact that DJ-ing was most likely permanently affixed the paste tense. Never to be engaged again. That is until the day this particular chapter of the story began…..

I was working at a fast-food “Hamburger Joint” at the time. A highly stressful (for my co-workers), fast paced, challenging new job to learn. Especially in the summer out here in the Countryside of Sweden. I reside in the region of Österlen. Which is an extremely popular summer vacation destination for all of Northern Europe. The saying goes; “location, location, location” regarding as to where one should open a new restaurant.
The supposition is that the location one chooses to open their eatery is a literal “make it or break it decision. Thus, the brand new bespoke building where the particular franchise I was employed at was located in the most prime real estate in the entire region.

Life in Sweden’s “Little Chicago” and Malmö’s “No-Go Zone”…

I always say, “if you go looking for trouble, you will indeed find it. But if you mind your business and employ common sense,
you will be fine.”

It is perched directly in front of a crossroads round-about. One that leads to the white sand beaches of the Baltic Sea. To Ystad. Where the regional emergency-room is located. To Lund.
A university town I wouldn’t mind living in one day. And to Malmo. Aka “Little Chicago” the third largest City in Sweden. One that holds the dubious distinction of having the highest rate of gun violence in all of the E.U.
A city in wherein I lived for almost six years.
In three different parts of town. The last one being Rosengård which was then termed a “No Go Zone.”
From there I moved “into the woods” where I now reside in the middle of a beautiful forest by the sea.

Rosengård is a place where one can go online and see News Crews getting attacked. Police cars aflame. And some “Disenfranchised Extremists” Bombing the city. I moved from Chicago. Now internationally infamous for being #1 on the list of U.S. Gang Related Gun Violence Crimes. To Malmö. Internationally infamous for being #1 on the list of E.U. Gang Related Gun Violence Crimes. Lucky me. But with that said. I’ve never had a problem with the locals gangs in my “hood” in either city.
I left to live in Sweden from “Rogers Park” Chicago.
Aka “The North Pole.” Where Young Pappy the absolute best “Chicago Drill Music” Rapper to ever live. Ever will live.
And also died. Due to senseless Gun violence. Pappy’s gang affiliations were TFG (The fuckin’ Guys). And PBG
(Poor Bear Gang) respectively.

A week after this video dropped, Pappy was shot and killed.
A few months later, Lil’ Shawn shot and killed a “Loc City” gang member right in front of his girlfriend and their children
She was Shawn’s ex-girlfriend. Who knew exactly who he was. yet she refused to testify against him in court. because she would have most definitely been killed.

I, myself was once even approached on Sheridan one night. Which was in Pappy’s “Opps” (opposition/rival gang members) territory. By a “Loc City” gang member who asked me… “Hey, where you from?” Being the emotion reading empath I am, I could sense the gravity of what was truly a life or death situation. So I “played dumb” and said… “I moved from Florida to the Suburbs to go to school to learn to fix cars. Then after I graduated, I moved to The City to work at Firestone. Where I am coming from now.” Whole time, Bro-nem had his hand in his pocket. Holding “that thang” ready to bus’ (shoot) if I had answered wrong.
For example.

I could have spoke the truth. Which is…. “I’m a Neutron yo.
I don’t bang or claim any set.”
A “Neutron” means “a neutral” with no gang affiliations. But to even mention the word Neutron would betray the fact that I was hip to “that life.” So I could very well have been shot and killed due to him assuming that “I got caught lacking and didn’t have it on me.” (was an unarmed rival who was lying to try to save my life). Which has been attempted many times to no avail in “The ‘Raq.” Where the term
“No Lackin” originated.

(Wow! I was today years old when I realized that “Joe” stepped to me because my hat was tilted to the right!)
Interesting “digress tangentbefore I bring us back to Sweden.

It was this very Young Pappy video of his “remix” of Niki Manaj’s “Chiraq” that first put “Chicago Drill Music” on my radar. Inspiring me to write and record a Chicago “Street Re-Mix Tape” of my own. From the perspective of the “O.G.” Positive Male Role Model none of these extremely talented, yet severely lost and violent young Chicago Brothers never had. Unfortunately for the inner city youth of Chicago, the project didn’t really receive any support by our scene. Which caused it to get lost in the “Algorithm Memory-Hole.” And thus, the project never reached the target audience I created it for. Sad Facts! (But at least I tried).
So now;
Back to Sweden. And my International DJ to Anonymous Fast Food Restaurant Worker. Then back to International Touring DJ Life (true story)…..

Rosengård is also a place where many immigrant families live peacefully. With parents doing their best to raise their children and provide them a better life than they had growing up in the various nations they immigrated from. Just like me. So my son and I fit right in. Perfectly.

“BMX People” A Strange Sight to Behold….

I did a 10 part vlog of the entire summer’s progress.
From when I couldn’t even bunny-hop, to the point where I nailed the trick I had set as my goal before the summer was over.
Any real fans and supporters of my work should most definitely check for it.

Well… Not really.
As we were the BMX People. Imagine if you will, a late 40s, grey bearded, ectomorph, Black Man with well defined six pack abs. Fight-Club Fit, riding through the hood doing tricks on what most would consider a children’s bicycle?
Riding right beside him is the cutest little bi-racial three year old on first, a little balance bike.
Then next, his tiny “Baby BMX” with no training wheels, his little helmet, and the fearless courage of a lion. That was us.

This last “Summer in The City” is when I checked a thirty-plus year goal off of my (ever diminishing) bucket-list by teaching myself to do “bunny-hop tail-taps.” While at the same time, teaching my little one to ride a bike at an age that was two full years younger than I was when my Father taught me.

I Return You Now, To Your Regularly Scheduled Program…

And as previously stated…..
From Rosengård I moved “into the woods” where I now reside in the middle of a beautiful forest
by the sea.

We now pick up the story a full five years later. The world we once knew has completely changed. Gone forever.
I don’t even DJ in clubs anymore. Having moved on in complete peace with the fact that I may never do so again. Venturing fearlessly into new forms of creative expression, I score a film, produce, write, and release a Hip Hop/Trap & Drill Music album. Am inspired to create a Progressive Heavy Metal side-project. A One Man Studio Band called “Gain of Function.” I then write and record the instrumental tracks for its debut album entitled “Strong Delusion.” The (still very raw) tracks for the as of yet unwritten lyrics, are without a doubt, my most ambitious, and musically complex body of work to date.

Once the (raw) Metal tracks were complete, I needed to step back from the project. And only now, almost two years late I am feeling the inspirational drive to finally conclude the writing, recording, and mixing of the lyrics.
As I had completed all three of these Herculean projects all within a nine-month time span. Eleven and a half months if the burn-out breaks in-between are taken into account.
Sensing the immense potential for this new project to firmly establish itself as a new fresh new entity within the thriving and vibrant Swedish Metal Scene, I felt no sense of urgency with regard to writing the poetry that will eventually become the lyrics for this masterwork.

I had some of this Capocollo for the first time this evening

Completely switching creative gears, I felt the need to begin teaching myself the time-honored traditions of Artisanal Cheese making and Charcuterie. As “leveling up” my “apprentice trained” Culinary Arts skill-set by learning to create “edible art-works” made perfect sense to me. Tapping into the very same Autodidactic Spirit that had once compelled me to become an A.S.E. Certified Automotive Technician.

(Digress Tangent…. it just so happens that my most recent Italian Capocollo finished up today. The exact afternoon I am writing this very paragraph. How cool is that? Now back to the story)

This is before I fell sick with a horrible flu in the winter of 2020-2021,
and barely survived the first of two *(near-death experiences).

Almost dying was the catalyst that finally inspired me to begin producing dance music records again. Like
this one. The aforementioned Love Notes to Brooklyn. The debut EP from my new label “Building 7” due to drop soon. And or the EPs on other highly esteemed record labels coming out in the near future.

*(These experiences will most definitely require blog posts of their own. As I am barely skimming the surface with regard to the behind the scenes drama, intrigue, and cinematically robust events that took place during my
“de-facto DJ retirement.”
Oddly enough, I am still recovering from the second of those two near death illnesses as I write this. Knowing full well that had I not been in the excellent shape I was in before this “literal” killer influenza strain pummeled me.
I would not be here on earth telling this story today).
These are facts!

Travel Restrictions are fully lifted. Worldwide….

So one random day in mid-July, I get a message from my booking agent David Gorez.
The owner/founder of AboutLastNight Booking Agency. Telling me “Hey Bro, if you wanna come out of your Touring DJ retirement, you can. Because all the travel restrictions have been fully lifted. In fact. You should give Konstantin a call since he wanted to book you for their Giegling Party at A.D.E. last year.

(An invite I politely declined as my body is my temple. And as such, no shots for me. Therefore, I couldn’t travel).

I was like… “Hmmmm? Very interesting. I think that I will indeed do just that.”
“Konsti” replied the same night. And said… “Hey Amir. I was just thinking about you for an open air we’re doing in Berlin next week. Are you free on Saturday?” I kid you not! This legit happened. Exactly the way I just wrote it. And just like that, I was an internationally touring DJ/Producer again.

A Long, Hot Summer “- H. Rap Brown….

This Crew has shown me genuine love and respect. For years.

Giegling Open Air party. Berlin Deutschland. July 2023
As previously mentioned, I was personally invited by Konstantin to be a “last minute special guest performer” for their Berlin Open Air Party back in July. Held at a lovely alternate venue.
On the drive thereto, I was told by my true friend DJ Dustin that a brand new club had been built in this huge red brick industrial space way out on the outskirts of town.

And that it legitimately had the best sound system in Berlin.
We arrived shortly thereafter. And as Dustin and I walked into the back courtyard our event was to be held in; the amazingly captivating Ms. Mayyan Nidam was doing a soundcheck for her live set. I instantly knew that this claim was 100% correct.

Because for the sub-bass to be as clean and punchy as it was
(outside, mind you), with crystal clear mid-range, and a full surround spot-on accurate tweeter array like I have rarely even heard (indoors) at any club;
This was indeed the absolute best sound system in all of Berlin.

And being that this was the outside, back courtyard. Just imagine what it sounds like indoors? Where Ellen Allien was finishing up the final fifteen minutes of her own DJ set from a party that had began the night before.

Dress like a Jazz Man (The Social Experiment)…

We got The Jazz. We got The Jazz!

Did I mention that this was the first DJ gig that I had decided to wear “Jazz Man Suit” and dress like a Business Traveler? The idea was sparked both for my desire to own my Classical and Jazz Music University background. As I was a “double major” at “Uni.” Music Education and Composition. Respectively.
As well as my desire to conduct a bit of of a social experiment.” Wherein I would I dress as a Business Traveler in order to see if I would be treated like one.
And I was indeed. F.T.W.

The first example of the data gained therefrom was the “all eyes on me”
human behavior I perceived as I first stepped onto the train to Malmö where
I transfer to another train to go to C.P.H. (Copenhagen Airport).
As this is airport I’ve always flown from as I’ve traveled the world playing music for the past decade I’ve been a Swedish Resident. Malmo has a small regional airport. But when traveling to destinations outside of Sweden it is much more efficient to take the 20 train (ferry) over the Øresund Bridge to Copenhagen. Wherein C.P.H. Airport
is the literal first stop.
But I digress…
Second example was that approximately 85% of the women and late teenaged girls involuntarily touching and grooming their hair as they saw me looking tall, svelte, and crispy clean. Also F.T.W.

Adding on to this, I distinctly remember a Woman in the airport who was obviously, incredibly wealthy.
As she had impeccable taste. Yet was quite discrete and inconspicuous. There were small cues . Like her platinum “round” diamond ring with a stone that weight at least 1.5 carats, her matching earrings, expertly coiffed hair, porcelain smooth skin, and her incredibly stylish, perfectly tailored clothing. These things were all tip-offs.

As I came into view, she looked me up and down. And upon seeing my Black
Djoon “Snap-back” cap
*(tilted to the right), and “hospital cleanblue canvas loafers that matched my tie, she visibly
“nodded in approval.” This woman travels in circles wherein she regularly comes in contact with extremely wealthy businessmen. Men wearing custom made, tailored suits that likely cost more than I pay to rent my
tiny house for an entire year.
Again, F.T.W.

*(A hat tipped to the right saved your life up in “The North Pole” (my old neighborhood in Rogers Park Chicago).

The third example was the Grown Men staring uncontrollably, taking mental notes and having Eureka moments. On some “I’m going to start dressing like this.” As well as the teenage males and young boys who seemed to be seeing an example of a man carrying himself the way they would like to one day when they themselves were Men. And The Alphas… Bro-Nem gave the “nod of approval.” As it truly takes one to know one.

Once again, this is not to big myself up. Nor to boast. This is a legit public service message to all Men and Boys who want to “walk in their full power.” Because no matter what anyone says; Appearance does indeed matter. You don’t need to be all stiff and generic with it. Not at at. One of the things that is so “eye catching” about how I wear sport-coats and ties is how “I break the formal rules of dress apparel” by wearing a tie with the top button undone. On top of that, I wear my tie “wrong” by situating it so that it hangs at my belt-line (super long).

I wear loose, stylish pants that although they fit perfectly, might not be traditional “dress pants.”
Or, when I do wear “traditional dress pants” they are old-school “baggy” dress pants from the 1990s purchased from my favorite second-hand store. The point is “inject your own personal style.” You know? Wear a suit, but wear it “wrong.” Just make sure it fits. Not too too tight. And NEVER wear your pants “sagging” off your freaking butt! That is so DEAD, played -out, lame!!!

Please try this for yourselves? And ditch the old jeans, tight, or ill-fitted old looking pants, the t-shirt(s),
and the hoodies. (When dressing to impress). Then spend the money to get yourself a modestly priced, well fitted sports (suit) jacket, some loose but well fitted dress pants (as the whole skinny-pants thing has come and gone, and is mad “played” at this point).
I can never state this enough; make sure they fit your waist and don’t sag. This is very important. Especially for you Bros who (unfortunately) have “flat-ass” genetics 😌, and or those of you who have failed to realize that you really do need to get in the gym and fill out your frame with as much lean muscle-mass as your “natural genetic limit for muscle hypertrophy” will allow. Trust me now. And thank me later.
(I know these things).

Lastly, get a new pair of black or brown Dr. Martens boots or some inexpensive, but real leather dress shoes
(They’ll last a lifetime if you take care of them), and ditch those dirty, dusty sneakers. If you already own a proper pair of leather shoes, and or “Doc’s” polish ’em op. Dusty, dirty footwear is for children. (not grown-ass men). “Look good. Feel good” as the saying goes.
When people see you carrying yourself with style, class, and self respect, they will in turn, give you the same
(if not more, because it’s so rare these days).

The “EasyJet Incident”….

Oh yeah!!! I would be remiss not to include the “EasyJet incident.” These are some of the best data I was able to collect.
Check this out.
As previously mentioned, the travel ban (strong-arm) “carrot and stick tactic” had just been laid to rest
(for now, at least. more on that in due time). This being the case, EasyJet was still requiring people to wear “the mask.” But I live as a legit hermit. Deep in the middle of a lush forest by the sea in the countryside of Southeastern Sweden. So the for the entire duration of the international travel bans, I never wore one. Therefore, when I heard the announcement that no one would be allowed to board the plane without a mask,
I had to “spit a little game” at the female flight attendant. As she was playing the (literal and the figurative)
role of gatekeeper as she checked our travel documents.

This wouldn’t be the first time a human being has felt the need to flirt in order to gain a bit of an edge in a situation. But typically, the role of each sex in this particular scenario is reversed. Equal rights goes both ways. Correct? 😉

• Back as stiff and straight as a hardwood 4×4 piece of lumber. (i.e extremely good posture.
• Piecing (yet not weirdo creepy) gaze. As eye contact matters.
I had to literally force myself to learn to hold eye contact as a young Man due to my “spectrum disorders.”
It was an extremely difficult task. But I fixed that. As self improvement, and self-reinvention has always been a
huge thing with me. So this was just another one of dozens of “subtracted flaws that didn’t add up.”

I stepped the young lady (mid 30s or so. which is younger than me, at least) on some…
“Excuse me Miss, it appears that I may have left my mask at the security check when I was taking the liquids out of my bag. You wouldn’t happen to have a spare, would you?” (total lie. but at least it was a benevolent, tiny “white lie”) She visibly blushed as she looked me up and down. Noticing how my blue sportscoat, blue tie, and blue canvas loafers that look like Vans, but are more “posh and preppy” all matched to a tee. And then she said, “give me a minute. I’ll find one for you.” After which got on the Public Address System and asked everyone in cue to board my flight if anyone had a mask they could spare. As it was “an emergency. “

Did I mention I was cuing in “Speedy Boarding?” Oh wait! No I didn’t. “Business Traveler Indeed.”
So during my little “social experiment” I noticed that an attractive (even younger) lady watching the flight attendant and I engage one another. She walked over, proceed to open her bag, and lock my gaze with
“the look.”
(the look that every hetero Man wants to see from an attractive young hetero Woman). Yeah! That look.
Then she handed me one of the three extra masks she had. (Touching my upper arm in the process).
Close call averted. F.T.W.

Not even a minute later. A dude nervously walked up to the desk. Dressed exactly as I just advised my brethren not to dress (if you actually want to be taken seriously as a Man). Making weak eye contact, slumped posture, and speaking softly as he asked if there was a mask that he could have, etc. The flight attendant dismissively told him “Walk around and ask people if they have a mask. And hurry up! We’re about to begin boarding the plane.”
Sadly, no one gave him a mask. Not even the woman who personally handed a mask to me. The woman with two extra masks in her bag. Meanwhile, I had gone back to my spot in the Speedy Boarding section.
Cool, calm, aloof, and much wiser for this invaluable experience.

The Take-Away from These Data…..

Due to the fact that I was dressed well and carrying myself in a casually formal manner.
One of conspicuous self-respect. While simultaneously being quite hip. edgy, and dare I say “street.”
It seemed to give “onlookers and passers-by” the impression that I might be a
1. A Physician or University Professor from the States.
2. “New Money” (understatedly wealthy) “Start-up” C.E.O. Type.
3. “Famous Musician” they had never heard of. (Oh! The irony!!!)

As my empathic “Spidey Senses” gave “me” the impression that the people I encountered as I was on my
“business traveler type time” that they might be thinking to themselves…
“I don’t know who he is. But he’s definitely somebody. So I’ll grant him a bit of extra respect just in case.
Because I do no at all wish to end up on the news for possibly dissing such an obviously

“Important” Man. Whether I know who he is, or not.”

All because I wore a sport-coat that that fit and accented my (slim, but well muscled frame), a dress shirt,

the “wrong way” for a Man also wearing a tie, a tie (that is hanging impossibly low), well-fitted pants
(not jeans), clean stylish shoes (not sneakers), and a clean “snap-back” baseball cap tilted to the side.
(of course, a “fitted” cap works just as well. perhaps better. Y.M.M.V.)

Circle Back….

“Circling back” to the “night before”
when I arrived in Berlin for the first time since the summer of of 2019; I received a brief text from Konstantin saying that the taxi fees from the new Brandenburg Airport were close to 60 Euro. Almost double that of the 30 Euro fees to or from either of the old airports when I lived in “Neukölln” (Berlin) back in 2014. He also told me that taking the train was only 4 Euros. But of course they would be fine with whichever choice I was most comfortable with. And being the true team player that I am; I chose the practical Working Man option. As we are the underground. Where no one is rich. And every penny saved, is a penny earned. Therefore, if I can help my friends save money, we all win in the long run.

So, Who’s the Black Dude in a f#%king Suit!?!?

As previously mentioned, I arrived at the venue (wearing a whole suit, mind you), with DJ Dustin. Who the night before had personally invited me to breakfast at his favorite vegetarian breakfast café. Keen to seize the opportunity to build and add-on to actual, true friendships with the Giegling Crew, who have all been very supportive since they booked me to play their stage at the very first Waking Life Portugal Festival back in 2017;
And I of course said… “Yes, of course”.

Needless to say, the suit turned heads, made some people feel a bit uncomfortable, and quite literally freaked a few folks-nem the fuq out!!! Why? Because in the underground club scene, especially in Berlin; this simply is not done. By anyone. Except Me. As I have always marched to the beat of my own drum. “Zagging” when everyone else “zigs.” Setting trends instead of following them since about age 14 or 15. When I got serious about my music in Middle School Concert Band.
(circa 1986. Odd-Man Out Ugly Duckling) F.T.W.

In the International Underground Club Music Scene;
I am a Dancer first, and a DJ/Producer second. As producing and DJing tracks in dark nightclubs around the world is at this point, a mere hobby to me. A “side hustle” I can “hit a lick” on the industry with from time to time. Or, when things go as they should, an opportunity to create a musically majick experience for, and with my fellow supporters of
(what once was a vibrant and thriving)
international, underground music cultural community.

“The Anonymous Trickster” (Sleight of Hand) Well, Sort Of….

That said, I like to play this little trick of mine on the dance-floor/party. Whereby I like to be a nameless, faceless “black dude” no one knows. A dude who proceeds to (at times) teach (without teaching) a “master class” in the arts and skills of “Housing” and “Lofting” to the music. To the point of profusely sweating,
and having to shed layers of clothing. Possibly (only if necessary so I don’t sweat through) even my undershirt.

Ectomorphs “disappear” under their clothes.

This produces what I like to call the “Groundskeeper Willy, Effect” aka the “Ned Flanders Reveal.”
(Which could, and likely will indeed become an entire blog post all by itself.)

I do this for two reasons. The first is because I simply love to dance. And the second is that after the dance-floor has watched a DJ demonstrate that they are indeed one of them, they completely trust this DJ off-top. No questions asked. This also gives me a supreme “edge” as a DJ over the ones who do not dance. Sadly.
Wisdom gained from the data collected from a previous series of social experiments.
However, I digress….

If you haven’t already owned this instant classic since it came out in the mid 1990s, You’re welcome. LOL!

Where were we? Oh yeah! When the music hits me like I need it to, I can be one of, if not the best Dancer in the club. That is, except for in Paris, a few select parties that the Old-School NYC (powder on the floor) House Heads attend, and in Washington D.C. When that cities equivalent of the NYC House Heads slide through. At which point, I get in where I fit in. The center of the fray. So I can continue to advance my skills as a Dancer. But unlike these amazing artists who dancing is to them is what Producing and Mixing Records is to me: They can dance to music I consider boring. However I can only catch my vibe if the DJ actually takes the true dancers into account. As I have quite particular tastes. And am extremely discerning as to what does and does not
“Move Me.”

Won them over (Like A Boss)!!!

So back to the anonymous “brutha” (me) who arrived in a whole suit, and proceeded to dance and sweat to each and every DJ and live set before (as well as after) I myself went into the DJ Booth to get busy. Out on the dance-floor;
I could hear snippets of random conversations. Surprisingly enough in my native tongue. The English language,
as the Berlin Club Scene gots nuff “Brits and Yanks” therein. Some snippets “sound-bites” included…
“See! I told you! It’s not a routine he’s doing. Because when he’s not feeling the music, it’s like he can’t even dance.”
And or…

Whoa! You see that? The Woman who just came in all posh in that blue dress that matches his suit is “his brand.” See how they subconsciously moved toward each other like some kind of invisible magnet pulled them together?
Even though they’re
not dancing together.
are dancing together. How funny is that?”

These were actual, conversations I overheard.
And as I listened to this, like a fly on the wall I thought to myself.
“Funny indeed! It’s funny, because it’s true.”

No Cap! You can’t make this stuff up. My life feels like the best movie you’ve never seen. For better, or for worse.

Usually for worse it seems. But like a true student of the “Stoics” like Seneca and Marcus Aurelius,
I take the bad with the good. And keep it movin

I Played a set comprised solely of My Own Tracks….

I had made the decision to play a set only comprised of my own tracks. 100% DJ Amir Alexander.
By this point, I was already several months deep into the Building 7 Bldg7 001 pre sale promo campaign.
Interestingly enough, one that up until just a few weeks ago I thought was a total fail. That is, until I emailed my record distributor Matter of Fact Pressing and Distribution. Which as a matter of fact (pun intended),
is Berlin’s newest State of The Art, Vinyl Pressing Plant. Exclusively servicing Underground Record Labels.
No Majors EVER (Their brand slogan).
Amen to that!

So um, yeah…
I had the first three Building 7 EPs already mastered and ready to play in my Rekordbox USB(s).
The main, and the back up. Good thing I carry two. Because the main one didn’t work for whatever reason.
But as I told my dear, sweet, Woman just yesterday.. “this ain’t my first rodeo Honey” in response to her telling me that it indeed had just snowed again. Exactly as I predicted it would when she was asking me if we should begin planting our summer garden.
But I was like… “Nah Mamma. We got at least one more snow coming. Perhaps two.”

At any rate…
I had briefly mentioned my intention to “only play my own music” to Dustin in passing.
Almost as if it were a nothingburger. as I really didn’t consider this to be a big deal. At All. Since I regularly play
50-75% of my own productions in any given DJ set I am fortunate enough to be booked to play. Y’kno-w’Imean?
This is simply How I get down. No biggie. (So I thought) yet, the word spread like wildfire.
(To coin a phrase) Who Knew?

The idea “went over like gangbusters” as the saying goes. And by the end of my set, the “secret was out.”
This must have impressed the Giegling Crew.
As well as Brother Thomas Melchior who had brought his Lady, and a couple close friends with him to check out my set before he himself had to go play a different party later that evening. Bro-Nem was like… “So I heard that you played all your own tracks. Is this true? Impressive!”
I was like
“True. Thanks. Did you hear how good that track Catacombs 2 sounded? And Bro!!! Chasms sounded mint!”

Catacombs 2 is the lead track from my EP on his label My King is Light. An EP that at the time it came out was by far the absolute best House Music EP I had ever produced and released. One that was completely “memory holed” by
“The Rona.”
Absolutely (NOT) F.T.W.

My follow-up EP will be The Chasms EP mkil007. (Seven is “God’s Number” btw. Those who know, know).

This record is next up to be released on My Ling is Kight. And once again, Chasms is/was my best track ever
That is (arguably) before The Deepness
which is my favorite track on my debut EP Love Notes to Brooklyn
came out on Smallville Records. The extremely sad story behind it may find itself being told on the blog.
If I can bring myself to relive it publicly. So this is not yet a surety. Time will tell. That said, the “No Gimmicks” EP
I just made a is now without a doubt, my absolute best House/Acid/Deep Minimal Techno EP. Ever. Facts!

I seems that High-Octane focus and attention to detail comes at the expense of frequent digress tangents.”
(With regard to those “on the Spectrum.”)

My bad. Please bear with me?
Where was I???

Wow Bro! Did You REALLY just play all Your Own Tracks???

Oh yeah
I remember now! The set went really well. And right after I was done, Konsti runs up into the DJ booth and says
“Bro! Dustin told me that that was all your own tracks. Cool!” (Exactly like that). Then he rubs his beard, thinks for a few seconds and says to me “What are you doing on the 22nd of next month? There is one last, special guest after hours vibe set open for Waking life. Perhaps you can play it if you want. I’ll get back to you in a couple days after check a few things” I kid you not!
Needless to say. the entire party was a huge success from start to finish.
(Obviously F.T.W.)

Each One Teach One…

So my first DJ set in a full two and a half years went well. Really Well! Despite not touching decks for 2.5 years. Greatly due to fact that as a DJ, my total practice time had already exceeded the 10,000 Hour Rule 3x by the time I played my first DJ set abroad. Of course I might have been a bit concerned had I not.
Perfect Practice Makes Perfect as the saying goes.

Nevertheless, I still won’t be able to listen to the new Building 7 test pressings until the next time I can visit my Lady’s eldest Son who’s currently sick with that killer flu. As he recently asked me to teach him how to DJ. Therefore my turntables, single CDJ1000, and CD booklets are now set up at his flat. As I didn’t even have a place to set up my own decks, much less to practice on them for well over five years.
However, we weren’t able to play vinyl the day I set them up. Because the last person I let record a mix on my setup destroyed not one, but both of my “Sure M 44G Styli. (at the time freaking time)
Most Definitely (Not) F.T.W.

All I could do that day was show him how to wire decks to mixers, mixers to amps, and amps to speakers, etc.
But since he is just recently made 19 years old a couple months ago, this is his first flat.
Thus, lil’ Bro-Nem has no furniture. Which means he gets to have his first “rite of passagestraight out the gate (as the saying goes). Which is having your DJ setup on the floor. I did it. As likely many of you reading this did back in the day.

As a result, I advised him to order a set of Stanton 500 Styli online since I still have the perfectly functional “work-horse” Stanton 500 Cartridges I purchased in the 1990s. He can borrow them until he gets his own. And I can listen,
and practice on those until I can afford some new Sure M 44G Styli so it’s a win win situation.
Each One Teach One

My (actual factual) Savant Photographic Memory and Attention to Detail…

Captured many, many more minute details, lovely memories, and cool anecdotes.
But alas…
This, the introduction aka Pt.1 of the blog serial that tells the complete “behind the scenes”
account of the events that led up to me deciding to jettison the fakebook timeline posting version of DJ Amir Alexander. And why I reinvented myself to fulfill my true destiny within this international, underground, (cultural arts scene) by becoming a full-time “blogger” is already a bit longer than I had planned. (LOL! I lot longer than I had planned).

It only took me/this website five years, and a little over a million page views to arrive at this point.
But I am finally, and permanently here. Prepared and ready to post at least once per week.
(At the very least).

Hopefully some of you will come and stay with me here for the duration
As I “build (us a) better mouse-trap“. Which is to say; create a fresh,
new, and truly “open-forum” platform where we can freely express our musings, “thoughts and ideas” without all the self-censorship, creative hand cuffs, artistic stifling, and legitimate fear the “Algorithm Overlords”.

Well, That’s all For now. I guess that I should wrap this up….

From the North Pole of Chicago to the No-Go Zones of Sweden. Then to International Touring DJ to Anonymous Fast Food Worker. Then back to International Touring DJ. And now full-time Blogger and Progressive Heavy Metal Band.

What a journey to be on. What a story to tell. But who exactly is it I am telling it to? A Creative Cultural Arts Scene, or to Myself? And what about Your Stories? Surely they read like a Dramatic Action Film as well. You could tell them here.
In the next few weeks, I will “do the knowledge” with regard to creating our own “Arts-Book.” If I build it, will you come?

Perhaps one day, the people who urged me to not say good-bye forever to the Fakebook Free Expression Cock-Block will begin to overstand that Zuck-Book is no place for us artists. We can All break free. So I’m Thinking of a Master Plan.

And with that, I’m out! Have a good one folks. Until next time.
Be Well. Be Happy. God Loves You. (And so do I)

True Story….

And absolutely No Cap.
R. Amir Alexander