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Adieu…. On to new horizons.

So, the mathematics;
a bit over 3 months ago, I began logging an average of 20 hours a day learning EVERTYHING necessary to truly “level up” as a legit audio engineer, heavy metal producer, mix engineer, and mastering engineer. (as well as a progressive metal band multi-instrumentalist; bass, guitar, drums, singer/lyricist, etc.)
90 days times 20 hours = 1800 hours. At least!

*(interesting note… I looked up how many hours required to get a bachelor’s degree from “Berklee”, and or “Full Sail” and it looks like I’ve surpassed their requirements. Purely autodidactically.
Just to give an idea of what type of time I am on as an artist.
I take my work, progress, and output very seriously).

I’ve fallen down a bottomless pit of creative obsession like never before. By the time this, my masterwork is completed, I will have put more time, blood, sweat tears, and pure soul into it than almost every other project I’ve ever completed, combined.

At the completion of what is most likely the last House/Techno EP I will ever create, the “No Gimmicks EP,” I came to the realization that I have now fully mastered the crafts of creating and DJing the specific niche/sub-genre(s) of club music I fell in love with over 30 years ago.
Thus, it no longer offers me the challenge I need to continue to remain as motivated as I need to be in order to create on the level I need to so that I can be satisfied that I am constantly progressing as an artist. Not to mention the club-scene lameness aspect I plan to address in more detail later in this blog.

Long story short, to fulfill my potential as a God-gifted musical genius, I need many conditions, people, places, things, and stimuli I simply do not, and or cannot receive by treading the worn and tired path of a creative “sunk cost fallacy.”
I’m out.
On to new horizons. Higher heights and deeper depths of creativity. I will take with me all the hard lessons learned with regard to what should not be done in the era of the internet clout-chase/rat-race.

Anonymous. The music will speak for itself. Hidden identity.
Because “cult of personality” simply does not matter.
The aim is to supersede my level of accomplishment, critical acclaim, and underground cult-hero status in a completely new genre.
Seems implausibly impossible. And thus supremely attractive for a true iconoclastic rebel who has ZERO desire to ever go-along to get along.
LOL! I can reveal my identity here, because 99%+++ of the people here on the book will never check for the work I would most like them to hear. Which is fine. Because this means that less than 1% of my new fans will actually have any idea as to who the members of “Gain of Function” are.
*(this began as a fakebook post, but then I remembered I don’t do that anymore. So it became a blog post to be shared on the book/timeline, etc).

So in closing….
I’ve swapped out the old files for the fixed and final versions of the album instrumentals. I also re-wrote over 50% of the album.
2 fully new tracks, and several sections are completely different now. Those truly interested can really check out where my “sonic heart” is. And the true followers of my work can marvel at just how sonically pleasing the mix-downs now are..
As opposed to the harsh, hissy, and abrasive sonic textures the music had before I dove head-first into the deep end of truly leveling up my game as a bona-fide “recording artist.”

Blog will come one day. Perhaps after the lyrics are fully written and recorded. As my album is much more of a priority than anything club-scene related.
But until then….
Enjoy the sounds, emotions, and the pleasant tactile feeling of some sweet saturated distortion.

Don’t sleep if you’re in the least bit interested. Because these tracks will go “private” without warning in a few. 😶

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Amir Alexander BMX (over 40) Vlog Ep #9 Living Proof! (learning 360 Tail taps)

You’re never too old until you’re dead. Although BMX is an extreme action sport, and despite being so physically demanding, it’s a total head game. Like much of life really. The classic line “I think, therefore I am” comes to mind. I am 2 weeks away from my 46th birthday and I am in the best shape of my life. Strong, full of stamina, and ripped lean (full 6 pack, vascular thighs and striated pecs). I can ride my bike better than most ever will AND I am just getting started.
I am the type to get super good at something. On an international level, and then start from the bottom again as I perfect a new craft. I feel the need to constantly be setting the bar higher for myself. Which is not at all recognized, encouraged, or celebrated these days.
As always, I am in a competition with myself to be a better me today than I was yesterday.
Every day.
BMX is the vehicle. Why? Because it’s hard. Just like everything else I have a passion for.
And because I enjoy being art just as much as making it. Whether dancing, mixing records, spitting raps, or riding freestyle.

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Vlog Episode #8 “One Man Gang!”

The struggle is real, and it continues. No gigs. Looking for a fulltime job that is not connected with the music industry. It is what it is. Steady mobbin’, keeping it real, and doing me. Perfecting my bunnyhop technique, and trying to gain height/hang time so that I can begin to learn 360s. Which I hope to have down by my birthday.
We’ll see how it goes though, as meeting basic survival needs living well under the poverty line takes precedence over riding and BMX progression.
At any rate “we out here!” We, meaning me. The one man gang.